Monday, April 17, 2006

Not on My Watch..!

Just when I think I've seen it all around here...

I was just about to turn off the t.v. a little bit ago and head upstairs... a late caffeine rush last night left me awake almost all night and dragging all day. Just as I was about to pack up and head upstairs, I heard this horrible racket!! I couldn't make out what I was hearing at first... squawking, outside, louder, in the house...'Oh no! Has the cat brought in a DUCK?!?!' I honed in to the sound coming from outside the window to my English Garden. I pushed aside the curtain and there was a poor female mallard duck being assaulted by 4 drakes!!! They were biting her neck, holding her down, while her poor mate just stood by helplessly. That gal was giving it her best shot, but she was no match for the gang! I ran outside, careful not to let the dog out, and chased off the offenders! What was left was this poor, somewhat be-draggled girl and her guy. I was sure they would fly off as well. But they didn't. She took 10 minutes to pull herself together, fluff up her feathers and, I do believe, have a few choice comments to make regarding the whole incident. I just stood there watching them...making sure the gang didn't return and that my cats didn't smell duck for dinner. Soon, she and her mate waddled around my yard, nibbling on grass gone to seed and exploring the green expanse. (I think these are the two ducks that I mentioned a few posts ago - and did you know that ducks mate for life?) I told them to take care and I came back two cats and one dog glued to the view out the windows! As you can see here, Molly isn't sure what to make of this sight! And thank gawd for her arthriitic hip, or she'd be out the pet door in full chase! The cats seemed to be sizing up their porportions... or more like, 'am I bigger than them? or are they bigger than me??' After a few more ambilan minutes, Mr. and Mrs. Duck flew off...hopefully for some much deserved quiet time.

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Nancy said...

Great story. I was happy to read that you stopped them from picking on her.