Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Peach Blush

Dinner is over with and the dishes are done. A quick picking up of things and a search for a worksheet from a scrapbook class and I'm given a few moments to watch as the sky settles into a cool gray as misty rains glides up towards Four Peaks and beyond. Two hummingbirds agitate each other at the feeder. Blustery breezes have the chinese elm bending their heads and pointing the way east - as if to say "the storm is heading that'a way". A little speck of puff is taking on a peach blush as the setting sun's light kisses it good-bye for the day. The weather was too amazing to believe! It started out this morning cool, cloudy and teasing rain. By late morning, half the sky was gray and sprinkling rain, while the other half was clear and sunny! By afternoon, this is what the sky above looked like...puffy, fresh... Even a pair of ducks were enjoying our spring as they snoozed in the grass of the neighbor's front yard as I arrived home!

I'm slowly getting my book set up that I'll be using for my 'new home'. The process is turning out to be a slow one. I guess I had planned on having it put together and set up for each room by now. But that's not happening... A bit ironic when you reflect on how the whole process of letting this house go has been a slow one, and my inner voice tells me it will be a slower still. Ironic, indeed. Nevertheless, I am enjoying the process. I'll show you a picture next time.

What process are you working through?

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