Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The 'real deal' - be it flowers or life

Look at these guys.... just BEGGING for their picture to be could I resist their glowing faces?!?! Simple... I couldn't. The lemon- yellow of their faces almost seems enhanced...made to look more yellowier, or almost a case of imitation - like silk flowers. But they're not... they be the real deal. Besides, how can you improve perfection?

Random musing of life as I see it right now...
I miss my parking space... it's one more thing that I've lost. Five years it's been mine, but someone else has taken it over! But the universe is having this loss come into my life for some purpose...but just let it be known... it somewhat ticks me off....

I dragged M to a baseball game last night. Oh, she wasn't thrilled, but you know... it was a great mother/daughter time...and despite her 'I'd rather be taking the AIMS test right now then to be sitting here with my mom at a baseball game' attitude, she actually had a wee bit o'fun ...and it was good for us.

You'll never, ever.... I do mean NEVER...find a more dedicated group of teachers, parents, a principal or staff to make a child's world safe, educational and uplifting then you will find at the place where I work. I TRULY thank God that this is one element of my life that HASN'T changed this year!

My toes are tickled that my first backyard iris is blooming... he may just have to go to work with me tomorrow!

I'm one step farther over the bridge of saying goodbye to my home.

I'm a whole stride farther over the bridge of being single.

It's only 256 days until the my 'goal'....

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