Sunday, April 02, 2006

Simple beauty..inside and out

Gorgeous, huh? The beauty of it is that I walk by this cutie every day. How lucky am I?!? The twinge of orange on the yellow petals causes one to stop and take notice...and trust me, I'm not the only one who has done that!! Sunflowers... a true gift to us all. Told ya that I work in the most beautiful place of all... hehe...

M and I went shopping today. A bit of an extravagant thing to do, but sometimes you have to do that, do you not? Her self-esteem is ten-fold tonight with her new shoes, new jeans, new shirts and a new feeling about herself. She needed it, and with a little prodding from mom, she got it. She's excited to wear her new outfit tomorrow, as she should be! Me...I got a new pair of Crocs.... spring green! Wearing them tomorrow.
Blessing to you...

Next time a sunrise steals your breath

or a meadow of flowers leaves you speechless,

remain that way.

Say nothing,

and listen as heaven whispers,

"Do you like it?

I did it just for you."

-Max Lucado

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