Thursday, March 30, 2006

Creation is Everywhere

I work in the most beautiful of places. Trees stand sentry around ... full of lush, new, green leaves just bursting with spring life. Gardens are frequent... like rest stops along the highway, beckoning a passer-by to a bit...and enjoy the view (which I do!). Birds share their habitat with us humans. It's not uncommon to see an Inca dove carrying a piece of dry grass up to a pillar top as she builds her new nest for the year. Hummingbirds play tag among us, literally! Woe to the bird who gets too close to a hummer's nest...such a big racket they make for such a tiny bird!! Not a day goes by that I don't wish that I had a camera hanging around my neck so that I could capture all of the beauty that I see around. From clouds above to ladybugs in the field, I work in a beautiful place. This little guy was snapped this afternoon... he held still just long enough for me to capture his smile, before gently swaying to the left as a spring breeze past by. Such intense color from such a fragile flower... poppy, in case you were wondering.

I have been inspired to create while reading my book "Moving On..." (see earlier post). Susan suggests an intriguing activity - to create a scrapbook journal of how you invision your home to by room by garden. In my situation, this piece of the puzzle fits neatly into the big picture. As I cross the bridge from this house to a new one (unknown at this point, but somewhere over there) I find myself thinking about how it will look, how I will decorate it, what I would like it to feel like ... to say... So I got myself a scrapbook and customized it to what I needed for my project.... sheets of cardstock in celery, bisque, butter, blush.... pockets for stashing clippings in of cool ideas... pages on which to write down ideas, thoughts, wishes, inspirations. I think this is a good step in a postive direction.

Baby steps...

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