Thursday, March 02, 2006

Rays of gratitude

Rays of subtle light sometimes peek out from cloudy places. One is an order of vintage charms being sent my way - ohhh, I can hardly wait! I've waited for 3 weeks to receive it! The other is my son taking M to the concert...thus leaving me an evening to catch up... I'm having trouble sleeping and often, I wake at 1:30 or so and lay awake for hours...I mean hours.... until 5 am...with 45 minutes left before the alarm. Needless to say, my energy level is not quite up to parr... I've been thinking that I should set up a little place for my daily medication, a good multi-vitamin and an iron tablet. I should take those every morning. I should take them because that would mean I was taking care of myself. Which is what I need to do. Perhaps that is my goal this weekend.

I'm grateful for many things. Such as - M being on the tennis team, which she loves. The hummingbird who greets me some mornings from his perch in the mesquite tree above my parking space. He squeaks 'good morning'...and whistles at the sun rise. I love it! I'm grateful for being able to enjoy our beautiful weather during lunchtime...what a beautiful place to indulge in some down time. I'm grateful that my family is well. I'm grateful that I can pay my bills. I'm grateful that my problems, although they seem absolutely humongous to me, are fixable and I will get through them. I try to never forget that there so many people who would give their right arm to have my problems. There is a mom and dad tonight who are sitting by their child's bed in a hospital, greiving at the news that they have received. They would trade places with me in a heartbeat, and I try to never forget that. I am truly blessed...and I must never forget that.

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