Friday, March 17, 2006

Hush.... the forest is resting....

Take a long look at this....
This was the view from my bed the last two nights... literally... all I had to do was raise up, turn my head and look out the window that my scrumptious bed was butted up to on the wall. My pillow rested on the window sill. I could look up from where my head was laying and count stars in the inky night sky.

The first night in the cabin I slept little... how could I with this being the view above my head!?! It was the night after the Full Worm Moon, and she glowed brilliantly through the skeletons of the ponderosa pines burned three summers ago. I tell you, the moon in the forest sky is the brightest, whitest moon possible. Oh yeah, we all think that we know what the moon looks like when we step outside our suburban homes and look above our neighbor's roof to catch a glimpse of her. But know this to be true... you have never really seen the moon until you have seen her from atop a mountain high in the forest. The sad truth be, most of us don't even give this lunar orb a second thought. We have come to regard it's existence like that of the corner grocery store. Always there. Always will be there. No big deal.

But it's a big deal to this girl.

I am always amazed by the moon, humbled by her quiet existence. She asks for big flare ups, no long, harsh, searing rays to draw attention to herself. She just quietly rolls across the blue-black night sky...putting on the most etheral light show for those who take the time to admire her. Oh, and give her a blanket of snow, and you'll be treated to the most beautiful scene of all... quiet radiance ... sparkling and shimmering for man and beast alike.

I took this picture with my digital camera pressed up to the glass of the window. No flash. No fancy settings. I just wanted to capture forever what I had spent the night looking at. As the moon began to slip to the base of the pines and out of sight for a rest, a furry brown bunny hopped into view...looking for a pre-dawn nibbling of grasses and berries. He's a lucky fellow... for this is the view from his breakfast table every morning.

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