Saturday, March 11, 2006

Reflections in Rain Water

This is what I see when I sit outside at lunchtime. There is the sweetest wild flower garden about 15 feet from the picnic table, and this little guy was just begging me to take his picture for 3 days. I finally remembered to take my camera to work and I took his portrait...I just love the way he's smiling for the camera!!

This is quite a contrast from the weather today...heavy low clouds skimming the mountains, millions and millions of white ballerinas popping on the street and concrete, only to tire out and come resting in a puddle of rain water. Low bellied prisms of water sliding slowly down my window pane. Green grass stretching up out of sopping wet ground....drinking in every delicious drop of this precious resource. We've waited 143 days for this...and everyone and everything is taking it all in.

I am celebrating this wonderful weather by not getting out of my pajamas! I am totally comfortable in my pink pajama pants, my white long-sleeved t-shirt, and my old, worn red plain flannel shirt. We cleaned house today in our pajamas, went for an errand in our pajamas and I've now done a good deal of finance work in my pajamas. Just love it!

The house is clean and quiet. My mind has found some peace by the two hours of work I just put in accounting for bills paid over the last serveral months and due dates for this month's bills. I was dreading doing this little job, but knew I would feel a sense of accomplishment when I did it...and I do. Tomorrow, I may just tackle the tax end of this whole fiasco. I got a kick in the pants (ok, pajama bottoms) from K last night. So today, we lowered the price of the house and are looking forward. I am very ok with this.

Picture this if you're out rock climbing and you come to a divide between two huge chunks of granite, millions of years old. You know you have to cross this gouge if you want to continue on. By the looks of it, you could hop over, but the landing spot isn't flat, and there's not much to catch you if you bobble on the hop over. You could take a big step with one leg and hopefully cross over...but the divide looks to be just beyond your comfortable leg stretch. So you stare, and ponder... weighing the options of both... and the consequences of an unsuccessful attempt. Are you willing to risk it? If you don't, then your hike has ended and you will return down the path you already took up. To go forward means to do something with a bit of skill, a bit of luck and a bit of blind faith. Do you do it??

I'm mid-air right now...

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