Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Yellow for Blue

Nothing says spring like daffodils! Sunny, yellow, bright, open wide, hardy and dressed in their finery... I know it's spring when the daffodils arrive! Each year about this time, a local kitchy grocery store gets in daily shipments of these beauties. When you buy them, they look like a bunch of asparagus...true! No yellow ... just green stalks and a bulge at the top. But a day in water, and this is what you're greeted to when you come down to breakfast! This store sells these perky pals at 10 for 99 cents! What a deal! I buy a bunch of them and take them to work and give them to all of my buddies! I also put a bunch in a mason canning jar, dress it up with a necklace of raffia and grace my desk corner for a good week with sunshine and spring!

I'm having a rough couple of days... my heart is hurting...and it will for a few more. But, looking at this makes me feel better. Like a band-aid. Salve for the soul....

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