Sunday, March 12, 2006


Snow... on a desert mountain. A rare sight for us desert rats. The storm yesterday brought a full day of much-needed rain... almost 24 hours worth. Just 30 miles east it was a different story... powdered sugar sprinkled on top of a mountain. Truly a rare sight! Oh, it's happened before, about once every 5 or 6 years, but it's been a long time since it happened to this extent. Mother Nature laid the perverbial blanket of white down along the range and it's absolutely beautiful! I went for a drive this morning with the purpose of taking a shot or two of it. I found a little mound of dirt at the end of a street. Climbed over a little cable barrier and up on the mound and this was my view. I was only there for 5 mintues or so... enough to get several shot on my digital camera and one on my cell phone. But what was funny was as I turned around and started heading down the mound towards my car, there were three other families pulled over, getting out and heading up the mound with kids and cameras in tow! Yes, this is a very unfamiliar sight - and the beauty of it is that it's not wasted. Us desert rats know a good thing when we see it...and we enjoy it as much as possible! I'm suppose to travel up north in two days to spend a couple of days in a secluded log cabin in the middle of the forest. I don't know if my car will make it on the dirt road back into the forest due to all of the snow that fell up north, so I'll determine that by tomorrow. I hope I can make it...but if not, this will be my snow-fix for the week.

*Hummer, I'm so very sorry.... thank you for all the joy that you gave me. May you be safe and free with Mom forever.

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