Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Abounding Beauty

Yosemite National Park...I love this picture. This trip was just an amazing experience and I have such great, fond memories of it. Notice the white waterfall on the right side? Bridal Veil Falls. Such a piece of nature that is nothing short of just being purely awesome.

M and I are packing. We're heading up to the mountains for a couple of days to go rest our minds, our spirits and our bodies. There is almost 4 feet of snow from last weekend's storm where we are headed. I can't wait...to just take it all in...the glint, the shimmer, the sparkle! To make it even better, 'tis a full moon tonight... the Full Worm Moon. Tomorrow night will be just etheral with the bright rays of a full moon reflecting off the snowy blanket. What a visual treat it will be. Cold noses...tracks in the snow of nature's creatures.... the call of a wolf in the forest night. Anticipation is half the fun for me...

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