Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bit by Bit

I couldn't resist. I scolded myself yesterday for not bringing my good digital camera to work. Today, I scolded myself, again! Then I took out my 'back-up' camera, found a half-decent floppy disk, and indulged my flower craving! This little garden is next to me and I love it's truly wild appearance! Notice the red beauties spilling through the white wire to sunbathe on top of the curbing. They just couldn't help but stretch themselves out to catch some rays! The orange California poppies were buttery cups filling themselves up with liquid sunshine...barely able to hold it all! Feathery greens swayed in the among the blossoms, and although she alluded my picture taking, a worker bee was happily skipping from blossom to blossom, gathering treasures from the garden with which she'll use to make her wonderful honey! Nature Note: 'worker' bees are always female. They are the ones to go out to collect nectar and pollen to take back to the hive, build the hive cells, feed the newly-emerging baby bees and ...get this... they also feed the drones. Uh... all drones are male. Their job, if you can call it that, is to mate with the queen bee to produce more offspring. (comments may be left at the end of this entry...see below).
I really should have taken a picture of my butt, though. I was bit there this week....Tuesday night, to be precise. Grieving a lost relationship is difficult, at best. Especially when it didn't go the way you wanted it to, dreamed it would, hoped it had. I've been so busy dealing with finances, legal issues, selling the house, safety and peace that I haven't dealt with the first basic fact...a dissolution of a long, very long marriage. My heart is all afire... and I guess it's allowed to have it's say in all of this. It's wanting to bake a plate of cookies to pass along with the kites, tools, briefcases, books and other various items of his on Saturday. It's telling me to keep one of his shirts...not to send it with the others, so that I can put it on some night, remember when, and have a good cry. I might. My head says to just be patient...that my heart will work through all this. My butt hopes it happens soon.
Don't wish me happiness-
I don't expect to be happy...
it's gotten beyond that somehow.
Wish me courage and strength
and a sense of humor-
I will need them all.
- Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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