Thursday, February 08, 2007

Playing Catch-Up

It feels like it's been AAA-ges since my last post. Actually, I did have a post about tossing my left-over bits of yarn out into the yard for my feathered friends, but for some unknown reason, the next day, my picture was gone and I couldn't fix it, so I just deleted it. I've tinkered around with my blog since, but I didn't have anything really worthwhile to say, so I chose to say nothing. Most of the past week was spent dealing with a broken car, a leaky toilet and possible water damage.... joy of JOYS!

Yes, I do choose JOY!

Oh, and a bout with the flu this week, too...

But ...


other ramblings...
*what the hell was Henry Miller smoking when he wrote 'Tropic of Capricorn' ?!?!
*Oprah is on right now talking about 'the secret'... which apparently is that our thoughts attract what happens to us... apparently there is a law of the universe; what you focus on expands...
...if that's true, I'm going to quit thinking about my waist
*can you smell it ?? spring is in the air... oh yeah....
*I must say that I outdid myself with my cream pasta sauce last
*Bless those poeple at DOVE who have created a new campaign about beauty...nude women over 50!! OH YEAH!! Have you see it? It's on their website...and these women are truly, truly b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l
*5 things that I am grateful for tonight: my health, my children, my family of friends, my job, the ability to get up tomorrow morning and live my life one more day

what are you grateful for ... right now.... what are 5 things that you are grateful for?

hmm ?

choose joy


Chickenbells said...

1. for blogging buddies!
2. for finally standing up for myself in a relationship, and getting out at the right time...even though it's hurting so much.
3. the shop is getting busier.
4. I am thinner than I was 2 months ago...and lookin' good in clothes!
5. to get the chance to do it all again.

Anonymous said...

1. That I am opening myself more to forgiveness and accepting that people can be who they are and I can still love them.
2. That I am my own parade in this life that I have been given.
3. That my sister and I are together again. I MEAN together!
4. My husband who loves my road map on my tummy. Who truly believes that I am everything in this life.
5. My children who make me sooooo happy when they smile and walk into a room.