Saturday, February 24, 2007

drum roll, please

First, thank you to all of you who left a sweet message for our drawing! Most of you I knew, but one of you I didn't, so it was wonderful to 'meet' a new face! Welcome, Kim! : )

I printed out the names, cut them into strips, folded them up and put them in my little easter basket...

and the winner is....

(or known as 'K' on her comment)
Congratulations! I'll be getting your little present to you this week!
Thank you to everyone who left a comment for the one year anniversary of 'a view of life from front row'. How nice of you to spend some of your precious time during the day to visit my little corner of the world!
Now I'm off to plug in my hair dryer and TRY to salvage my cell phone... I managed to forget that I had it in my jeans pocket and threw them in the washing machine....
yup.... washed my cell phone... I could just croak.... wish me luck that it works...!

1 comment:

Chickenbells said...

Oh dear...I hope the phone drys out, or you could just go for a brand new one...I love all the styles that are coming out now and am counting the days until I get to trade the one I have in for something flatter...and RED!