Saturday, May 26, 2007

There's a Song in My Heart...

Another week of craziness... too much to do... too many emotions whirling inside at once... This was the year I said 'good-bye' to my kiddos...after having them for two years. I simply hate it. It's very close to sending your own child out the door to live with another family. The bonds that are built during the last two years are deep... and lasting. When you are with a child for 8 hours...for 320 days... you know them....all the way down to their toes. Their facial expressions, their nuances, their moods, their challenges, their strengths.... you know them. And they know you. Your challenges. Your strengths. Your nuances. Your moods. They know you.
This is the letter I enclosed with their final report card....

"Dear Parents,
My goodness...where has our time gone? As I wrap up the school year with report cards, taking down the room, and putting things to rest of the last two years, I find myself shaking my head, pausing for a minute and thinking....'Where has our time gone?" This time of year is always sad for me ... it's hard to let my class go after being together for almost two years. This time, however, it is even harder. This class of boys and girls is nothing short of absolutely amazing... and I am going to truly miss each and every one of them.
I can tell you in all sincerity that I believe that I have the very best group of boys and girls in the world! I remember 'Meet the Teacher' night almost two years ago. I passed out a little 'fun dip' card as I welcomed each of your children to room 26 and to 1st grade. We quickly established an incredible bond and 'community' in our room, and that foundation has carried us through the last two years very, very well. These children have an incredible ability to feel compassion and love for each one of their classmates. They all get along with each other...I never have had to keep two students apart because they couldn't work together... this class works together beautifully!
Not only do they work together, their compassion goes beyond that. These kiddos truly care for and look out for each other. They support each other with kind words, hugs and pats when someone is blue, laughs and teamwork both in the classroom and out (such as at recess) and they take care of each other...working together for the betterment of our entire school family. This quality that your child has is mature beyond their tender years and one which will serve them so very well through out their lives. You should be very proud of your child. They have each been a vital, important part of our community.
This class also has quite a reputation here at ****** Elementary. I have received compliments from every single one of our special area teachers about how wonderful your children are, how much they enjoy seeing them, how great they are! These children are complimented when they walk on campus, when another teacher visits our classroom, when Mrs. R visits and especially when they have had a substitute teacher come in. I am always asked to call the sub back in her notes, as she has thoroughly enjoyed being their teacher for the day and would love the opportunity to come back! That is because of your wonderful child!
During the last two years, I have been extremely conscientious of what my roll has been in your child's life. I have tried my very best to nurture a sense of positive self-esteem, a knowledge of academics and the traits of good character in your child. I have taken this responsibility very seriously with the goal of doing right by your child and by you. I hope that I have met your expectations along the way.
Your kindness and generosity today with my I-pod Nano gift left me in tears and humbleness. Oh my!! I am overwhelmed that the kiddos and you pulled this off, and please know that I am just loving listening to my stylin' nano (even as I type!) and I will always remember my fantastic classroom kiddos and family for their kindness and support as I get jiggy to my tunes!!
I want to thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be your child's teacher these past two years. I am truly honored to have been able to spend these years with your child, to get to know you, my families, and to be a part of your family life. You have all treated me with nothing less than graciousness and kindness and I want you to know how much, how truly much, I have enjoyed getting to know you, work with you and have you as part of our community. You all have a place in my heart and I wish you and your family a very wonderful summer! "

There are wonderful people whom I work with who coordinated this 'thank you' gift for me...and I am humbled and basically at a lost that this was done for me. Grateful beyond words. Touched at a level never before. And once again... amazed... at my wonderful kiddos.

Never underestimate children....
they will surpass you every time...


Chickenbells said... touching. I'm feeling a little teary eyed reading this, and realizing that these sweet little ones see the beauty and wonder that is within you...and you touched a place so deep within them (as you do all of us) that they totally rewarded you with the most rockin' gift ever! You are going to love this little toy...and what a sweet dily reminder of the amazing person you truly are.

Simplicity Wins said...

Wow, that is so wonderful. You had me teary eyed the entire time. What a wonderful experience you have to really touch the lives of all those little ones. Little do they know that they equally touched yours. The past few years have been so difficult to you and I am sure having them, and the stability of your classroom really helped you push through. I am so happy for you that you have a job you love so dearly. You are a gift to those kiddo's! How nice of them to give you such a generous gift. Enjoy the song in your heart...its well deserved!

Anonymous said...

Oh Honey, you got it! And in the best way possible, wrapped in love and appreciation. I wish I could have been there to see you open it.
See you soon, love R