Monday, May 14, 2007

Oh dear!

What have we here???'s a lovely sentimental card hand made by my ever creative and oh! so whimsical friend, Chickenbells!!

This side beholds ever cotish, Alice! The highlighted sentiment has Alice exclaiming

"Oh, dear! I'm certain! I must have change" did Alice know??

On the flip side - yes! double sided! - finds her exclaiming

"...and to be a Queen! at last! she cried"

Oh yes, Alice! It IS good to be queen!

"Oh, how glad I am to get here! And what is this on my head?"

It was a gold crown.

But wait! There's more!

...they were still falling, like a parachute filled with wind, they floated downward...
The worst thing was their fear....
ah, yes... that four letter word ...fear
A tender, handmade and handwritten note from my dear friend.... with flair, style and love just waiting to be released upon opening!

All of these wonderful gifts were my dear friend's treat to her blog visitors... I was so HONORED to have been drawn! I am very intrigued by her use of old book pages, marker, paper and trinkets! What lovely artwork and I am honored to be a proud owner of her touch...

Thank you so much, Miss S!!


Simplicity Wins said...

Oh my gosh, That card looks just darling. What a wonderful little Thank you gift.

Chickenbells said...

You are welcome my dear...I had such fun searching through my pile of ephemera to find just the right pieces for your package! Oh how I miss you...