Sunday, May 13, 2007

Me? A Bag Lady?? You betcha!

I saw these last week, but I was too engrossed with my purchase, that I decided at the last minute to pass on them. So I ran back yesterday to pick myself up a couple of the new Trader Joe's reuseable shopping bags....

is this too jiggy??

for shopping??!!

Oh my, no! Meet my new school bag! I think it's just kicky enough to work for the summer and kick things up a bit! And at a buck, ninety-nine.... that's right... $1.99!!! How could I go wrong???

Just one more reason why I love trading with Joe.


Simplicity Wins said...

I am do for a trip to Trader Joe's. I just might have to grab me a cute bag for $1.99 too!

Chickenbells said...

Gack...I LOVE my Trader Joe's bags...yes, I have 4, I just gave one to my mother as well, and we don't even have a Trader Joe's here. I use them for most everything...they are the perfect size and the most incredible design...drool!

Jolene George said...

I didn't know TJ had bags like!