Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Road Less Traveled

Heading up north to rim country...

Now, you might be saying "This is a picture of.... ??" 'CLOUDS' would be the answer! Yes, to us desert rats, clouds are a BIG deal! And for me, it's not just any cloud, but those fancy dancy ones that are storm clouds. We were all excited to see clouds hanging over the rim... this meant rain was in our near future! YEAH, Baby!!

Edging into Payson, the clouds teased us even more by thickening up and turning their bottoms grey. Windows down, 80 degrees, sunroof back and 5 girls loaded up for 4 days of fun in the woods!!

our flight is stalled due to road construction...
no problem... we got jiggy to some great music while we waited - compliments of my ipod! (thank you my kiddos!)

WE HAVE ARRIVED!! This is our home for the next 4 days - isn't it a cutie?? That porch is probably my favorite part... I just LOVE sitting out on the porch every morning (we're talking around 6 a.m.) with my coffee. I watch. I listen. I smell. Have you ever watched the forest wake up? You should. There's nothing like it. Pure heaven.

Speaking of 'heaven', it opened up on us last evening like nothing ever seen 'in these neck of the woods' !!Truly! About 6 p.m., we noticed how ominous grey the clouds had become. Within minutes, it was pouring! I don't mean raining really hard, folks. I mean POURING BUCKETS!!! The lightening was blushed pink as it hit trees and timber all around us...jagged lightening, sheet lightening. It was fierce and wicked! Then the hail. Oh my gawd, the hail! It hailed and hailed and hailed. I was looking out at my poor Tahoe and just hoping there wasn't going to be any damage. Thankfully, no hail damage, but some water was driven in to my upper console and dashboard. Unbelieveable! It rained and hailed like this for 2 hours. Then for the next 4 hours, it was a steady rain. All told, we got 2.75 incheds in that little shower. Holy Moly! (hehe... I LOVED it!)

This morning, Ross and I took a lovely walk through the woods. He chased lizards and a squirrel. I took note of the change in the landscape due to last night's storm. The air was fresh, fragrant and piney! The forest is so beautiful, and storms seem to bring it's allure out even more.

Sunday morning meant something big! A campfire breakfast! All of the guest bring out all sorts of goodies and Ed, the king of the griddle, cooks them up! We had sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, fruit salad, muffins, bagels, biscuits and butter, and these little beauties...

'pancakes' you say??
oh...not just any kind of pancakes... these are Grand Marnier pancakes!! Absolutely luscious! That was the happiest batter I'd ever seen!

Meet Petey! The 'forest cat' ! Petey is full of love and spunk and likes nothing more than carousing around camp, looking for lizards, chasing squirrels, bunnies... all in good fun. Petey has had several 'excellent adventures' the time he rode with Mary and me in her Tahoe to Linden to pick up some plants. We only had to pull over once for Petey to get sick, then back in the car he went and had a ball! Today, as I was packing up my Tahoe, Petey hopped in! "Let's go bye-bye!" Sorry Petey, but you have to stay here... you lucky 'duck'!
Home now. Laundry going. Things unpacked. Ross is sleeping.
Back to everyday life. Always makes me sad. Everytime I drive back down that mountain, I feel like I leave another little piece of my spirit there. Maybe, just maybe, there will be a trip that is only one way. And all of the pieces of my spirit will have a reunion! Just maybe.


Chickenbells said...

What a wonderful trip...I am in need of some sort of relaxation myself...although, with all the pine trees around my house, it's like waking up in the forest everyday (cept there's more traffic)

Simplicity Wins said...

Your trip up north sounds like it was wonderful. I ams so glad you got to go away and enjoy nature. I know that is where your heart is and how much you love it up there. I am so gld you got rainy, stormy weather, I know that is your favorite! Those pancakes look amazing! Did you get the recipe??? That would be a nice treat. And yes I agree, there is nothing like watching the forest "wake up", it is a treat indeed.