Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Past Revisited...

There was a time in my life when I would drag out my paper, adhesives, embellishments and other goodies and create paper crafts. I especially liked making mini-books to honor special people in my life and events. But priorities changed in my life two years ago, and those times were put away in the closet. I missed them.

Today, I visited a new paper arts store (well, new to ME). Quirkily, I read their blog every week - seeing what new things have been delivered by their friendly Mr. UPS man, what new colors and designs are coming out, the latest trends in embelishments and classes. I've wanted to visit this store for so long, but could never afford the dabble. Until today.

Behold my little purchases.

Yummy orange paper that will be a gift box to welcome autumn, a french wire mini hanger with clips, some manila tags, a beautiful french bird postcard, two old type stamps of the letters 'Y' and 'a' (for spelling Ya-Ya!), and a couple little envelopes for tucking things into.

Also finding its way into my shopping bag was this little charm... vintage pictures printed on actual cotton fabric! How cool is this?? I'm in LOVE with this cutie and have big plans for it... but shhhhh.....
it's a secret! ; ) I love the cutie birdie and the bouquet of flowers at the bottom. Oh, I just might have to keep those for myself!!
But as the old Ronco commercial says:
"But wait! There's more!!"

Can we all say "How adorable is this!"

A little wire photo gate to hold little momentoes of joy! Think of the sweet things you could tuck into it! Oh, the possibilities! Can you see why I just HAD to have it?? I thought you would.

Since I have been remiss in nurturing this part of my spirit, I was very easily overwhelmed while shopping today. But I was a good girl and maintained my focus for the projects that I have in mind for this week. I can't show you everything just yet...it would spoil the surprise! I promise to show those later in the week... oh, the temptation, though! I can hardly wait for tomorrow to rise - let the creating begin!!! : )


Jolene George said...

You got some wonderful things!!! I especially love the white wire photo gate thingy...so cute!

Chickenbells said...

Ack...love the stuff! I must go next time I'm down your way...the cotton ephemera is loverly!

Mary Jo said...

Oh how fun is that! It's making me drool looking at that cool stuff. Maybe if I wasn't on the computer so much, I might have time to do such fun things! LOL

Thanks for your kind words you left on my blog :o)

Simplicity Wins said...

I used to be pretty crafty too. I have not scrapbooked in over a year. I feel so behind that it does not seem like fun anymore. Maybe someday i will get back into it. I love that wire gate!