Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Toys and Trips


Meet my new little 'toy'! After wanting one for quite a while, I got a new gas grill - yeah! Last summer I bought a little charcoal grill to try to sooth my urge (notice the little red guy to the right), but it just wasn't the same and I didn't use it as much as I would have - something about having to wait 45 minutes for the coals to get gray just sort of spoils the thought of coming home and cooking something quick for dinner.

So, I happened upon a screaming deal at Lowe's and had the fortune of a friend's husband help me with the whole purchase, as he works there! I went for a tub of spackle, and left with a grill!

I won't be using my new toy for a few days, though. Today, I am heading up north for a few days of true rest and relaxation! Where? might you ask?? Oh, to that little corner of Earth that smiles for me... a cabin tucked back in the woods. No electricity. No phone. No computer. But a fully furnished, beautiful log cabin with all the amenities one needs... stove, frig, fluffy beds, porch, trees, critters, blue skies, mountain breezes, starry nights. My slide show is from this little corner, as is the 'hum-dinger' movie.

My ya-ya's and I started making this summer trip 2 years ago...this will be our third summer. M and her cute-as-a-bug friend Miss M, will be coming, as well... so 5 girls in one cabin tucked in the woods... pure fun! For some reason, N and R and I drag 2 weeks worth of food up with us! It's crazy!! We might want this, or we might need this, or I might feel like having this.... so beaucoup money and shopping trips later, we pack up the cars and make the 3 hour drive north. Thing is, we'll be dragging 75% of this stuff back with us, but that's ok. It's all part of the spirit of getting away. Happy week to you all!


Simplicity Wins said...

I hope you have a fantastic time in Deer springs, I know how much you adore that place. I hope you get all the rest and relaxation you need and deserve. Enjoy the will have many I'm sure!

Chickenbells said...

OH, have fun! I love the new grill...I swear I was just thinking the other day of escaping up to my mom's property in Groom Creek for an overnight camping trip by myself...I am so drained...who knows what I will do?

Thanks for the talking out of the hole, or down off the ledge the other night...I enjoyed myself tons! Big hugs to the Ya-Ya's...think of me when you have a cosmo!

Meg said...

How wonderful!! How could you not have a wonderful time with a description like that. I am a tad envious!

Your new toy looks grand. I wish you many delicious evenings ahead with your yummy grilled food.