Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sightseeing in Seattle

What a beautiful city! I returned last night from my little vacation to see my friend Julie, who lives in Seattle. Having never been there before, I really had no idea what to expect...only that everyone who found out that I was going there would say 'You'll LOVE it!!" They were right...Seattle is so very, very nice!

The first day there, we went to a winery. The grounds, as is everything there, were gorgeous! Flowers of all sorts are just prolific and the grass is soooo green! We went on a tour of the winery and sampled some, then we bought some goodies and sat out on their lawn and had a wonderful little picnic as we watched the baby boomers, (that would be MY generation!) line up with coolers and chairs to get into the concert area for a performance that evening by the Moody Blues! How cool is that?

The next day we took a beautiful drive to these falls...that were just amazing! The drive was so green, so woodsy. A couple was preparing to get married there, so we sipped white wine and watched as the bride, groom and everyone scurried around with last minute preparations.

We also took in a farmer's market that was full of eclectic things to browse through. I did manage to fall down on the side walk as we climbed back up the hill to the car... my knees are a beautiful purply blue!

Monday was downtown. So we had lunch at this cute restaurant upstairs of the market before heading to Pike's Market Place. This photo was NOT photoshopped--- but it looks like I stuck Julie in it from another picture. We call this the 'photoshop Julie' picture.

Pike's Market Place was full of fish, flowers and food!! It's amazing the variety that you can find there and you could easily walk out the other end just loaded with packages! I resisted, because we had more adventures ahead... only indulging in a silver bracelet.

.... and this is across the street... the original Starbuck's! I must say, Starbuck's has not NEARLY the appeal in Seattle. The best places for coffe are little independent shops that are enthusiastically supported by Seattlites! Sorry Starbuck's...

We then walked 15 miles downtown (okay, it was more like 1 mile, but to my feet, it felt like 15!) to the underground tours. Seattle, early in it's life, burned down. The city was rebuilt on top of the rubble and this tour took you down underground, and it was very interesting. As was our tour guide, Adam... and his kilt.

Monday we caught the ferry to Bainbridge Island. It's a beautiful 35 minute ride and a great way to see the city line!

Could this be Jonathan Livingston??
The breeze was glorious...

this was the view from our patio seat at lunch....

can you imagine going out for a ride on your boat whenever the fancy strikes you??

can you imagine calling this 'home' ?

Of course, Seattle is home to Mount Rainier...

and on a 'good day' you can see this majestic form rise out of the distant seems to just hang really causes you to pause.

Wednesday, we took in lunch overlooking the water and made a quick trip to the Ballard locks... where ships go up and down as they are moved from moorings to the open water. It was really fun to watch these boats go through...including through the drawbridge in the cool to watch. (that one happens to be a train drawbridge!)

I stayed with Julie and Joanne and Eric. They live in a wonderful old house... full of charm and love. Joanne and Eric have a beautiful dog, Stella, who was eager for a tummy rub and a pat. But they also have this ADORABLE kitty, Charlie. Charlie is old and has some health issues, but God love him....he has the sweetest personality and, despite his health, he makes the effort to come over to you for some love. I fell in love with this little guy immediately and had to always get my 'Charlie fix' every morning and every evening. I left specific instructions to Julie (who has her own two sweetie kitties) that she is to take good care of Charlie for me. What a love!

It was a wonderful trip and I am sooo glad that I went! But... just a little word of caution. If you ever go visit Julie, I recomend the following:

* Begin a training program 1 month prior to your trip. It should include: climbing stairs for 15 minutes each morning and again in the evening, walking 6 miles each day (preferably uphill at a 15 degree angle).

* Start taking gloucosamine and condroitan supplements one month prior, as well as a good multi-vitamin. Have you iron levels checked by your doctor. Pack plenty of aspirin and ask Julie for those special little white pills that made the pain go away!

* Purchase and then break in a new pair of cross-training athletic shoes one month prior.

* Download the song 'It's Not Easy Being Green' onto your i-pod. Seattle is very 'green' (recycle, walk instead of driving, whole foods, etc.) and this song will run through your head on several occasions.

*Get yourself a fanny pack which should contain: your i.d. and your credit card. You will be glad you did that instead of what I did... lugging my 10 lb. purse around with me EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!

* Pack sunscreen. Um, yes... this Arizona gal got sunburned in Seattle. Go figure.

Ahh... the flight home. As much as traveling is fun, there really is truth in the saying...

There's no place like home.


Simplicity Wins said...

Yippie! I am so happy you went on yoru little pacific north west vacation. It sounds like you got to see and do a lot. I knew you would love all the greenery. Thats what happens when you actually get rain, not like we would know. I went to the falls you spoke of, I can't remember the name but it was a long name and started with an "s". I am happy you are back home safe and sound, we'll have to get together soon. Miss you!

Meg said...

Sounds (and looks) like a wonderful trip. Those photos are fantastic! I have never been but have always wanted to visit Seattle. Have heard that on a beautiful day (no rain) it is quite simply the most beautiful city in the U.S. Maybe one day I'll get there...

Your list is cute. I take it Julie does all of this walking around in stride!

Anonymous said...

I am going to Seattle soon. What is the name of the restaraunt at the market?

Chickenbells said...

My heavens...what a fun trip! I love Seattle...I usually have a great time while being there. It kind of reminds me of San Fransisco only colder. And how lovely for all the green, and the walking you you can do what we all do, and rest up after our vacations! I am so proud of you that you took the time out to truly treat yourself...cheers!