Friday, July 10, 2009

Follow The Leader

Do you see it? Floating over there on the right? That little pink cotton-candy cloud...that looks like a heart?

Yesterday evening I read some very good news about a dear lady whom I adore. A doctor's visit brought good news and much relief! After leaving my comment on this great outcome, I was compelled to go out my front door...see what was happening out there for a different change of view. One look at the sky had me...well, you probably know... running back inside to grab my camera.

The twilight sky above me was filled with a whole parade of pink cotton-candy clouds....drifting up from the south and headed west to follow the setting sun. And they were all being lead by this little guy...

It was kind of funny, but seeing this cloud reminded me of God's love for Aunt Teresa and how He has her safely in His heart. It reminded me of all of the prayers that were said by so many on behalf of her and her beautiful family....people from across the miles all taking a few minutes to ask for His help and His blessings for them. It simply reminded me of love.... that He has for us, and that we have for each other.

May you catch a cloud parade floating through your twilight evening this week, too!


Sonya Miller said...

How amazing!

N-Search of Peace! said...

It is always about God's love and grace!

Amazing shots chica!

Like a crazy women.....

Cheela said...

This reminds me of the story of the shooting star seen in Arizona right after my mom died. I have the newspaper article on the wall in my house. Teresa will be very touched when she reads this. Thank you!

Martha said...

Carol, I am, as always, so amazed at the pictures you take. Beautiful! I have been struck several times over during the past eight months with encouraging signs from nature just when it seems I need them most. Things I probably wouldn't have taken the time to notice before. The heart cloud was beautiful.

Joni said...

Just precious! No better sign to be found than a heart drifting overhead...a soft, cloud-swirl heart spreading love wherever it goes...glad you captured that moment and shared it with all of us!

Jane said...

I love your pictures, and I always feel so much better after stopping by your blog.
Aly has been asking and guessing who her 3rd grade teacher is going to be, I have heard several times..."Wouldn't it be so cool if Mrs D was going to teach 3rd grade next year."
She loves and misses you!
We should stop over for a visit, it would make her summer.

kimberly said...

oh beautiful, vb.....i am a cloud lover ....often "see" things i think are meant for me....and i love this cotton candy sweet heart cloud...and so happy it was there for you...and you shared with us!