Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This place looks like a bomb went off!!!
I was bitten by the creative bug yesterday, and I've been possessed ever since!! My kitchen has become my 'studio'...and it is woeful!

This is the kind of thing that I love to do, but during the school year, I am just too drained to do when the mood strikes, I ride it out!! Yeeehawww!!

Every nook, counter top, table, chair, ANY PLACE has been used! Papers, markers, cardstock, paints, glitter, pliers, glue, trimmers, stickers, embellishments....

M left today to drive to California with 6 friends for a 5-day vacation...and she seemed more than happy to be heading out while Mom is in her possessed creative state! Does it look like I'd be making dinner tonight in this kitchen....does it??! I think not.

I have things stacked upon other things. I've lost things. I can't find some things. I've thrown things out!! Why is creating such a messy experience??? I dunno.... I even used my cast iron skillet for something.

And what am I making, you might wonder?? What is behind all this creative energy???

A book...

A little ol' book that will features some my favorite pictures that I've taken.

I'm making each page as I go, with a picture, or two, or three, being the inspiration behind that page's theme. I'm crazy over it and love seeing where each page's design takes me. There's still a LOT to do, especially with the embellishments, but the journey is so enjoyable!

Does anyone else go through this??? Where do YOU create? In your kitchen? A spare room? Your own studio, perhaps??? Does your family have to work around your creative clutter??? Or are you neat when you create??

I'm reading 'Simple Abundance' again (I try to every year...have you ever read this book??? Oh, if not... you really should. It is SUCH an amazing journey to read, and then re-read) and so many of the daily passages really strike a note with me. So I went to a used bookstore yesterday and bought a perfect condition copy. Why?? To cut up!! That's right! A couple of my favorite ones go perfectly with some of my pages, so I'm cutting them out and tucking them in the pages of my book! I love it!!!

I burned the late-night oil last night, and I have a feeling this will be the fashion for tonight as well!

I have a photography class being held here on Saturday afternoon..... oh man.....

....think I can get this all cleaned up AND clean house before then???
...we shall see!


Postcards and Coasters said...

My house also gets cluttered when I get creative. I have a hobby room but my projects end up scattering around the house. Now that i have a 2 year old i have to be more careful where i put things. :) Good luck!

kimberly said...

oh i love when those creative juices are flowing.....and i do my thing in the kitchen even though all my stuff is upstairs and it pretty much looks like yours!!!!!! i get some wild hair....and just start doing and love it when it all comes together! away.....and you don't even have to clean until friday!!!

Grumperini said...

You're a nut! I love it! I'm not creative in this way, and I really wish I was sometimes. However, I have the serious urge to purge. I'm going to go through my drawers, closets, cabinets, garage and purge anything and everything that I haven't touched, used, worn in days, weeks, months or years. I feel the urge to make room...for what I don't know. But I NEED to do this, and before school starts. So, I understand your obsession.

Chickenbells said...

I am excited to see the finished product! I too, create ALL over the house if I need's so much fun to do such things!

Joni said...

I love those creative days - don't like the messes much, but hey - one must take the bad with the very, very good! Have fun and share the final product!

Cheela said...

Will everything be ready for photo class or do we have to take pictures of your kitchen???????

~Molly~ said...

I've had my SA book for several years now and keep it in the BATHROOM of all places!*G* I LOVELOVELOVE it!! My mom has the yellow one, can't remember what its called though. I may ask her for it when we meet up in a few weeks.

I do that with my dining room every now and then but its fabric and sewing machines that get everywhere. It has been a long time since I've done it though. Too long probably.

Have fun!!!

Martha said...

Well, Carol, after being at photo class today, I would have never guessed your house looked like this two days ago! Can I have the name of your cleaning lady? HeHe!