Friday, July 24, 2009

The Moon Must Be Aligned With Jupiter...Or Something Like That!

I, like you, love visiting some of my favorite blogs....I'd say I have about 15 or so that I routinely stop by and say 'hello'. A recently new one was guided my way by my friend, J, who has her own blog As I See It. Her little button and post regarding the very insightful, Brene' Brown, found me bookmarking her blog. (**that's where I got the sweet button on the left side that says "I Live and Love With My Whole over there after you finish with me and get the button for your own blog!) Well, the other day, Ms. Brown held a contest for one of these sweet little fellas, and I won one!! Let me just happy dance for a moment....! I can only IMAGINE what word might be on the one that flies my way (as I think there are different ones). Needless to say, I was vewy, vewy excited!!

Another blog which I happened upon earlier this summer is Ree Drummond's The Pioneer Woman! This gal speaks my language and there is so much information about cooking, life on a ranch, just life!...and yes, can I get a 'Yeehaww!!"...PHOTOGRAPHY!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeelll, she, too, has contests, and earlier this week she held one for two of these little babies:
A Kitchen-Aide Artisan Mixer -
IN RED!!!!!
AND I WON ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
And out of over 19,500 entries!! What are the chances of THAT happening?? (I know, I could actually figure out that number, but I'm not using that side of my brain while on summer vacation....thank you very much!)
Lordy Be!! Good Golly!! Say what??!!???
I have to go happy dance around my kitchen.... just a second.... be right back...
I don't know how in the world this happened, because this kind of thing NEVER HAPPENS!!! Maybe Jupiter aligned with Mars, or my zodiac sign traveled through the house of Saturn, or the new moon sprinkled unseen luck down on me...who knows!! But I am excited, humbled, grateful and giddy at the prospects of two packages showing up at my humble abode!
All this goodness has me thinking that I need to give back with my own little contest soon....
think so??!!??
Oh-Oh!! I feel another happy dance coming on.... gotta go!!!!


Jodi said...

You know that I occasionally do some blog stalking, because I absolutely love your blog.
I am so happy that you won the Kitchen Aid. I love Pioneer Woman's blog. I am always entering her contest. It is my dream to win some day. I actually entered this particular contest.
Any ways so happy for you, and a tad jealous. LOL I actually saw early this morning that Velvet Brick won, and I knew it had to be you.
Hope you had a good summer and we will see you soon.


Jodi said...

P.S. I didn't know how many Jodi's you know, the comment is from
Jodi Kinnison.

Joni said...

Oh you lucky girl! Well I am happy happy happy for you and I think anything that brings on a happy dance deserves an honorable mention...and new blogs to visit too...hmmm, maybe you need to eat out tonight - chinese food - just to get the fortune from the cookie!

Have fun with that new Kitchen-aide - I wonder what color it will be?

kimberly said...

"when the moon is in the seventh house and jupiter aligns with mars......" WOW....what a lucky lady!....and i know you are gonna LOVE that red beauty....let me know what you are makin.....can't wait!

Anonymous said...

You are a lucky girl !

Cheela said...

This is great news!! Any chance we will get something delicious tomorrow at photo class or do you NOT have it yet????

~Molly~ said...

How FUN!!!! Congratulations and what a NICE prize to win!! Once I won a handmade quilted tea cozy and a beautiful print by Art & Ghosts but never anything so useful!LOL


Martha said...

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving gal! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Dear vb, Just found your blog on PW's site. Congrats on winning the mixer. Happy baking!

Loved the post from February about gardening with your pets. My 14 year old golden retriever, Boomer, loves to eat the Sungold tomatoes. Her mama didn't raise no dumby.

Your tomato season starts WAY before mine in Oregon. It's going to be 100 degrees today-that's a big deal in these parts. Not so much in AZ, tho.

Anyway, I'm going outside to play garden. It is a spectacular summer day.

Trying to live with grace and gratitude. hugs, karen in oregon

Jane said...

I can't believe you won!! And to such a deserving friend too. I love pioneer women's blog. You must read her love story of how she met her dh and ended up on the ranch.
Love the new mixer, I love my kitchen aid, and would love it more if it was red!