Sunday, July 05, 2009

Green Gold !

Last week I had the unique experience of visiting a new supermarket that has opened in our area. My friend, S, and her friend from Arabia, S, had gone and taken some wonderful pictures of it. Wait! Pictures, did I say??? Of a supermarket??!!?? Si, mi amigos!! The market is Hispanic-themed and it is HUGE!! It is an amazing store with a meat counter unlike any other I have ever seen, along with a seafood counter, a cheese bar, a bakery that is total eye candy and much, much more!! The fruits and vegetables are glorious and sooooo inexpensive! Yesterday I bought a bag of beautiful limes...are you ready?? Four pounds for $1.59!!! There must be 15 limes in the bag!!! I could go on and on.... and I truly should take pictures next time and take you on a tour!

But let's move on to the golden part of this post.... the jar above. I had a craving for Tomatillo Salsa and made my way to 'little Mexico' for the ingredients and I wasn't disappointed! I whipped up a batch in my dad's Cuisinart - a memento for me to have - and it's been chips and salsa around here ever since! I'm sharing what I threw into the food processor my recipe so that, you too, can savor the goodness! By the way, this is made with 'tomatillos'...not tomatoes, however, you COULD make it with tomatoes and it would be wonderful.... wonderfully RED!! Tomatillos look like green tomatoes with a papery outer husk. They are a staple at Hispanic markets and many grocery stores carry them, as well...I know my Fry's does. They are so worth the effort to find and use!!

Tomatillo Salsa

(aka 'Edna, call the neighbors...this stuff is GOLD!!)

10 tomatillos - husked, washed and cut into quarters

1 bunch cilantro, stems removed

4 garlic cloves - peeled

juice of 2 limes

1 jalapeno pepper

salt to taste

Throw everything into the food processor and pulse until you get a mixture that is 'bitty consistency'. (Don't ask me what the technical meaning of 'bitty consistency' is...just pulse it until it looks like my picture.) Taste to adjust any seasoning/salt. Pour into bowl, grab some homemade chips and put in a movie to watch as you taste heaven. Pour any leftover (HA!) into a container and refrigerate. This salsa is excellent on fish, eggs, burritos... but not on doughnuts. Enjoy!

You're welcome.


Chickenbells said...

How fantastic is that?!?! I just LOVE tomatillos...we had a little market down the street from me that has changed hands several times and finally closed, but will be reopened as a International Foods market in August! I am a little excited about this as I'm wondering how life would be if I could just eat flavorful foods...I mean, more flavorful than before? I'll let you know...

Jim said...

You're salsa is gorgeous! I'm coming home tomorrow, you have to take me to this wonderful market.
love you,

kimberly said...

i would love to know about this wonderful market also.....jessamyn makes a yummy salsa out of tomatillos too....yummmmmmy....just needs a good margarita! ole!