Friday, July 24, 2009

Reptilian Raider

aka "Lizard Lips"
And none too happy that I investigated what he was keeping watch over in the kitchen corner this morning with a guilty gaze when I plopped down the stairs. A peek around a bag of 'brick' supplies revealed a sweet little garden lizard, complete with his tail!, but scared and definitely not feeling the love! A quick rescue and relocation out to the top of my garden wall found Mr. Lizard shaking the marbles out of his head at his having a second chance at life!...much to someone's chagrin! That's okay, Lizard Lips....go eat your cat food!


Connie said...

OMG! If you haven't already found out...YOU WON a red Kitchen Aid stand mixer from The Pioneer Woman! Congratulations! So happy for you! You'll LOVE it!

Connie said...


#3696 Elise Wallace
#13930 Velvet Brick

Congrats, winners! Contact to claim your prize.

Chickenbells said...

Yeah...where was your kitty during the Lizard Infestation of 09 at my house?!? I couldn't catch them to relocate them, and I STILL haven't seen them...eeekkk!!

kimberly said...

LOL....oh my goodness...if you only know how many times this scenario has been repeated in our house over the years!!!!!!!!!!!
i had many kitties who somehow thought they were giving me a precious gift when they brought them in the house and plopped them down in the living room....i have resued lizards and birds...and it is NOT something i enjoy! i was babysitting one of my grandkids the other day and thought i was rescuing a baby bird from their kitties turned out to be a finger puppet!!!! :-)
we are without our "lizard lips" right now....i have all the excitement i can deal with as it is!
love you,

kimberly said...

p.s.....when i become a "chick in chaps".....i'll have to see if "hog wild" will let me borrow the bike and come pick you up......we'll put all that harley stuff to good use!!!!! :-)