Sunday, June 21, 2009

Because's Father's Day and I miss him greatly
...I got a wicked case of the flu and have been in bed for 3 days
...I'm so behind on things I need to do's a beautiful flower
...I thought you needed this picture to start your week with
...just because

*Photographer's note: this is the same flower pictured a few posts ago (Sun and Flower) but taken in the afternoon with the sunlight coming through the petals from behind as opposed to the prior photo taken in the early morning with the light hitting the front of the, huh?


Joni said...

Yes, very cool! We can always use another flower to brighten our days...hope you are feeling much better by now ~

Chickenbells said...

Oh my dear. I hope you are feeling well soon...

rachel said...

How much fun it would be to play with the colors on this photo...feel better soon!