Sunday, June 14, 2009

Treasure Box

So let's talk projects....yes, LET'S!! I have a little treasure box that I just love! This gem sits on my desk in my kitchen and it's just one of those things that I that wrong??! I don't think it is. Sometimes you make something that you just adore! As Martha would say...'It's a good thing!"

This box started out as an assembled, unfinished package of parts from IKEA! Yes, IKEA! I don't remember the exact price, but I believe it was under $20...easily. Probably more like $12. I wanted something to hold my various goodies for scrapbook journaling. I had pens, doo-dads, cards, ink pads, and other thing-a-ma-jiggies that needed a place to be. It was easy to assemble - just a hammer needed to put it all together. Once done, the next step was to put a finish on it. After sanding it down for a smoother surface I mixed a couple of colors of acrylic paints from my craft store...a combination of soft green, salt-water blue and a sprinkle of cream and gave it a good coat all around. After it was thoroughly dried, I took my sandpaper and scuffed it up a bit, especially at the edges and corners...not much...just a shabby touch! Now it was time to decorate it! On the top, I modge-podged pieces of tissue paper, scrapbook paper, printed vellum and a picture of a little nature girl! She was adorned with vellum leaf wings embossed with teeny glass pebbles.

I also made an embellishment out of microscope slides, used copper tape around the edges and glued it on. She even has a little jewel adorning her hair... can I tell you? I found that on the pew at church where I always sit on Sunday... I took it as a sign from Higher Up that she needed a little bling!

On this side, I wrote out the wonderful poem 'The Road Less Traveled' and modge-podged it on. Then I adhered real dried autumn leaves, some 'leaf' vellum and some leaves carved out of a type of jade. I also used a rub-on word, 'foliage' , on the side. Afterwards, I gave it a coat of modge-podge to seal the deal.

For one of the front drawers I modge-podged some tissue paper that I received from Starbuck's years ago when I bought a mug there as a gift. They wrapped it in this wonderful cafe'-colored tissue paper with beautiful scripted words on it.... don't ever throw goodies like that out!! I loved the words on it. Then I added 'letter' stickers to make my own verse over the tissue paper. For the drawer above, I simply glued some scrapbook paper of a leaf under a glass 'puddle' then glued it on the drawer a drawer this!

For one of the mini-drawers on the top row, I photocopied an antique picture, glued it onto some soft pink cardstock, ripped the edges, and fancied her up a bit with some glitter on her hair and along the edges. I also stamped my little 'naughty' verse, then gave it a top-coat of modge-podge. The other two mini-drawers are plain...I guess this is still a 'work-in-progess'!

The beauty of this type of project is that you can do it up in any way you wish!! I love mine and use it all the time. Think about the little goodies you could store in yours!! And don't you think this would make an awesome gift for that sweet someone?? I bet you have some papers, embellishments and doo-dads of your own that would be perfect for a project like this!

See ya at IKEA!

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