Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Lesson Learned

Can you just drink in this gorgeous beauty?? A gift from a ya-ya yesterday. Oh yes... yesterday.... a day I've longed to get over with for the last 12 days. A day that brought good news ... and much relief. So much relief, in fact, that I barely slept all night. I have been up since 1:45 a.m. Couldn't sleep, despite my best efforts. Too much disbelief...too relieved.... to sleep.

This was a sight that greeted me this morning as I sat on my porch swing, sipping my creamy coffee and watching as morning woke up. Can you see them? The soft rays of light reaching up? Ahhh...yes.... they are a reminder from God, no less. A reminder of the lesson I have learned these past 12 days. What lesson is that, you might ask? Ahh, glass-hopper....a simple one.
To live life.
To open myself up to what life has to offer me. To break my shell. To let go. To enjoy life with gusto again.
Plain and simple.
Lesson learned.


Cheela said...

I was worried what picture you were going to put on this post!!! So glad everything is fine.

kimberly said...

thanks for making room in your boat for me.....i would love to take this ride with you!!! :)
love you,

Chickenbells said...

Your words of wisdom were so needed for me tonight. Thank you so much for sharing everything that you are with me. It means more to me than you'll ever know.

I am simply giddy with happiness for you...for pulling the string and stopping the bus you were on and taking the risk to take another route...can you see me waving from my bus? I guess the next time our buses pass each other we can jump from one to another...because I could use a good hug!

I also totally know what you mean by not being able to sleep because of good news and being excited enough to wake up with the sun just because you can. One night sitting under the stars in Zion, I watched everything fall away from me...all my worries and attachments when someone whispered in my ear, "this is all there is" It is. The stars and the blackness...the rising moon...and the sheer luck to be witness to the miracle of everyday things in each moment. Thank you for the reminder again.

Just Joni said...

...and what a good lesson to treasure..."To live life. To open myself up to what life has to offer me. To break my shell. To let go. To enjoy life with gusto again" it! Makes me want to find new ways to live out loud and make it known I don't need to explain myself. Opa!

Glad your news brought you relief!