Saturday, June 06, 2009

5 Bucks' Worth of Chain

Have you ever had one of those days where you accomplished sooo much?? Today was such a type of day for me ... oh, and add in that it was fantastic!! I sooo needed a day like today to wash away any remaining stress, to recharge my batteries, to center myself, to catch up, to 'stabilize'. It's been a long time since I had a day like today and I made the very most of it.

First up - this little gem!! "What is it?" you might ask? A new clothesline! Um, yep...things like this can float my boat. I spent the morning outside reading the current book for my sweet book club and oh it an awesome read! (The Book Thief by Markus Zusak) The weather is absolutely gorgeous and I sipped my coffee and read while the hummingbirds played chase and the sounds of a wonderful Saturday morning drifted by. On the top of the laundry list were my quilt and two sets of sheets. The clothes line quickly filled up and I wasn't done! After pondering the situation for a minute, a quick trip to Lowe's was in off I went and soon I returned with $5.10 worth of new galvanized chain. That's right...chain. I use a chain for my clothes line and love it! A hammer and nails were all I needed to add a second length and voila'! In no time, my new line was full of summer sheets drying in the lazy morning sun.... perfect! Best five bucks I've spent all week! It became one of those days of projects popping up - mixed in with a little 'break time' for more reading. A day for:

...watching a neighbor attempt to trim his mesquite tree with a power saw on the end of an extension, I covet that tool! Do you know what I could do with that?!?

...drying bed linens and a quilt out in the summer breeze and dappled sunlight

...flipping and turning the mattress so that it wears evenly - truth be told, it's probably been 1 1/2 years since I last did this! When did you last do yours??

...sinking into the story of a young girl in World War !! Nazi Germany - a genre soooo not my type...and yet, running over to my patio table to steal a few more pages between my odd jobs of the day the tarp that covers the bar-b-que grill and hanging it on my new clothes line to dry while I cleaned the grill, too

...getting the grill's propane tank refilled and then wrestling that bad puppy back in place good and tight - it gave quite a fight, but I won!

...dusting and deep-cleaning my bedroom - sort of my own 'extreme make-over'. My goal was a clean bedroom with 'sweet pea' air freshener (a la Bath and Body works), summer-dried sheets and a freshly-made bed - goal met! my bathroom - okay...let me just spare you the graphic details which involved poses unnatural to humankind, cleansers all over myself and paper towels and rags all over the place!! I deep-cleaned it all, and it's sure purty tonight!

...making my bed up, spraying the sheets with 'creamy fig' body mist and fluffing up pillows - YUM-E!

...catching my breath as I cleaned out behind the bed while flipping my mattress. There...there they were...OH MY GOSH! My pearl earrings! I lost them almost 10 months ago. I thought I had checked there thoroughly. Since I couldn't find them, I sadly assumed that they had fallen into the little waste basket by accident and I'd never see them again. They were a gift from my ex-husband and ones that I treasured. I was so very sad to have lost them...he always treated me to sweet little gifts of jewelry and those were probably my most favorite. As I reached for things behind the bed, reminding myself how I had lost them, and had never found them, I saw two little dusty white things along the baseboard. Would you believe I looked at them twice and DIDN'T CHECK THEM OUT BECAUSE I DIDN'T THINK IT WAS POSSIBLE THAT THEY COULD BE MY EARRINGS??!!?? ...and on the third time of glancing at them, I reached down and found out that they WERE MY MISSING PEARLS! All odd jobs came to a halt as I gave thanks for finding them...and took a few minutes to remember...

...folding clean clothes and sprucing up the kitchen

...letting it be 'theirs' ... and not making it mine

...trimming that mulberry tree - which STILL taunts me!! (see older post)

...watching planes on their final approach...and those up high streak across the blue sky

...cutting up and starting to throw half of a watermelon from a week ago into the compost bin, then realizing that the birds might like to have a summer snack, so putting it out in the middle of the yard and watching the grackles, doves, sparrows and mockingbirds bicker and maneuver for position all day long - man, they LOVE watermelon!! Thankfully, Ross has shown no interest in it...yet. There's still the cover of darkness tonight!

...sipping pomegranate green tea and sneaking a few more passages from my book

...fixing rosemary chicken, grilled asiago cheese bread with garlic and sliced garden tomatoes for dinner...along with a glass of pinot noir (hmmm... someday I'll have to post about what I think 'pinot noir' stands for...

...being the Gamby! It's so nice to be back on steady feet again! : )


Chickenbells said...

What a wonderful day indeed! It's been so long since I've had a day like that...but I surely need one soon...Actually, I am in dire need of someone to come over and help me hang art. Can you believe that? I have art to hang, and I CAN NOT wrap my mind around where exactly it needs to go! So, it's siting around...harumph!

I am SO excited you found your ear's hard to loose sweet gifts like that, but maybe it was just so you could sit in the midst of a busy day and remember for a bit? Sometimes that's good too...

As far as your clothesline? Can you believe I've wanted one at Foolsewoode since I've moved here? I have the perfect spot for it, and yet have never done it. You may have just inspired me to do so!!

Just Joni said...

I love these kind of days...they seem to be so rare and my back aches at the end of them, but they leave me so fulfilled and feeling accomplished...and looky there, you were "rewarded" for your hard work with the discovery of your pearl earrings. I've been busy getting my house back in order too, but it seems to be two steps forward, three steps back...and those dust bunnies really take advantage of my timeframe, little rascals! Enjoy your fresh clean spaces my friend ~

Julie said...

Wow! You go girl! That is quite a bit to get done. So excited to hear about your earings.....

I'm not sure if you know this or not...but nowdays they make beds that you DON'T have to flip! :) Can you believe it?? So to answer your question....I have never flipped mine in 2 years.... LOL

Miss you! xoxo

Cheela said...

So glad you found your earrings! Glad you are enjoying the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer! I read that the weather has been nice back home. I have been freezing here or so hot from the humidity--I know this sounds weird, but at least our weather is predictable!! See you soon!