Sunday, June 28, 2009

Susie, Sisters and Savoring

It's been a wonderfully crazy weekend full of gatherings, friends and family! My friend, S, who writes this blog, hosted a party for a friend of hers who writes this blog! Susie came from Saudia Arabia to visit family and friends and it was amazing to meet her in person!! I have followed her blog for some time now and have learned an amazing amount of information about life in that part of the world! Susie is just an absolute sweetheart and we had so much fun! I was able to visit with her on three different occasions and feel so blessed to have been able to spend precious time with her.

Yesterday afternoon my sister, K, came over with food, movies and pajamas in hand! We had an impromptu sleepover a month ago at my daughter's graduation party and it was so much fun, we planned another one! Since 'Mr. Flew' put the plans on hold last weekend, we were kickin' it for this weekend! After helping her unpack everything, we grabbed iced-teas at Quick Trip (have you tried their plain iced-tea with a 'shot' of the peachy white tea for flavor????!) and headed out for pedicures! It was a blast!! Girlfriends really do need to do this together is such a fun, and relaxing!, way to spend the afternoon! Twenty pink tootsies later, we came home and watched a 'chick flick' while trying to keep cool in the desert heat..ugh!

I had a few goodies for K and one of them was this...

I bought us a set of wine glasses from IKEA (such a deal!!) and I made her a wine charm for her glass.... simple beads with a silver leaf at the end! It was as cute and 'charming' as could be and we both used ours! We had quite the feast planned - K being the head chef tonight! She marinated a beautiful fillet of salmon in wonderful spices, then covered it in a layer of chopped dill. Next, she placed it on a cedar plank and grilled it.... IT WAS SO WONDERFUL!! It literally melted in your mouth with the most delicious flavor. K also made a Chinese citrus salad that was tops! A side of artisan bread and fresh cantaloupe and we had a beautiful feast fit for two sisters with pink toes! Terramisu was dessert - oh, if you insist! We settled down and ended the evening with another movie before calling it a day.

This morning I made blueberry scones and scrambled eggs for breakfast before we headed out to the cemetery to pay a visit to our parents. Orange tulips decorated their crypts and it was a sweet morning to do this together. Afterwards, we went to a new market in town that is truly like stepping into Mexico! I've never seen so many beautiful items piled high! Fruits, veggies, the meat!! (I'll keep quiet about the most surprising thing I have EVER seen in a meat case - K had to finally drag me away from it!!!). K loaded up with some amazing items for a dinner with her son later on and we came home yakking away about the whole weekend. We got her packed up with all of her goodies and hugged and planned on doing this all again.

***ANNOUNCEMENT!!*** - NIKON is here!!! It arrived yesterday - so unexpectedly early!! I have not, repeat, have NOT opened it yet! Why??? Well... two reasons... I bought myself a new little electronic 'gadget' yesterday before K came over and I wanted to get it all set up this afternoon and focus on it. I've been dying to open IT up, but didn't want to while K was here, so I've been playing with it this afternoon. (Oh my COOL, IT IS!! ) Can you guess what it might be?? I'll post about it at another time. Secondly, I want to take the time to savor opening it, looking at it...just enjoying the moment of it all, instead of whipping it out of the box for the sake of opening it. Does anyone else do this???? You know... buy something really special but take your time to opening it/use it?? I the only one...?

Daughter and I have a little errand (ahem) to do tomorrow involving a auto collision center, so after that, I will be spending the day with my new baby toy...NIkon! : ))


Cheela said...

I am so glad that you got the new gadget. YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!!!

Susie had a wonderful time and I am so glad that she was able to come to visit us. It is fun to know a celebrity!!

Chickenbells said...

New gadgets abound eh?!?! How fantastically fantastic! I can't wait to see them all and hear about them as well.

The Mad Party was MAD! I have so many ideas swirling around in my head after such a kind reception of 100+ comments...which I'm sure had something to do with riding Ms. V's coattails...but I'll take it.

So. We'll see what this turns into next...I haven't been this excited in a loooong my friend Arthur said, "It looks like the old Sadira is a BIG way!!"

And if he wasn't referring to the size of my tush, then I would like to take this moment to say...finally!!

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