Monday, June 22, 2009

It's True! I'm Expecting!!

After much planning, researching, decision-making, and effort, I am please to announce that I am expecting...

I can't tell you what a big deal this is!! I've always had a passion for photography and yes, I do own a Nikon slr camera with two lens - but it's a FILM camera, people!!! FILM!!! And yes, I did get a new point-and-shoot Sony digital from Santa last Christmas. But I have wished, pined, drooled and dreamed about owning a digital slr for years!! It's even on my 'vision board' that I created last year. I can give you 58 reasons why I should NOT get this camera...and I have fallen on those reasons for all of these years. Too expensive, other things to spend the money, put the money in savings, new brakes for the car. All valid reasons for not buying my dream camera....and these reasons have served me well all these years.

But recently I had an event that slapped me upside the head. I travelled a two-week road of high emotions and anxiety. The details are not important any more, but the lesson of it was not lost on this student. I told my chica as we walked through the parking lot that last day and got into my car that I knew exactly why I had had this little journey and what God was trying to teach me. I was to enjoy life. I was to live life with passion and joy! I was to let go of so many of the restraints that I had put on for the past several years and live my life with passion and joy again!!

During those two weeks, I had made mention that if things worked out, I was going to buy myself this little gem. My chicas and friends amended my comment with 'You should buy it regardless.' I've remembered that. Oh, old habits are hard to break and every time I've come close to maybe buying myself 'my' camera, I've fallen back onto one of those 58 reasons why I shouldn't. I've wrapped myself up tight in my restraints and shoved the idea out of my mind.

This weekend was spent in bed with the flu....and once again, this notion floated back and settle down in its comfortable chair. Thus, there was time spent online researching, investigating, comparing, shopping, reading .... for a dslr. Ten times I decided to do it, and ten times I talked myself out of it.

Apparently 11 is my new lucky number.

Today I was, once again, drawn to research some more - and things took a turn. I was all set on a different model of this camera, with a higher price. But I accidently stumbled upon a website (one of about 30 I've read) that highly recommended this little baby. After considering purpose, finances, and potential, I switched my sights to this one - and found it for just the perfect price for my budget. A few clicks later, it was ordered and will be here in a couple of weeks. I could cry.

So, it is with great JOY that I announce that I am expecting a bundle of joy named NIKON!!! Pictures will be coming!!


Joni said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see little Nikon...she's sure to be a beauty! Sometimes we NEED to indulge in the little extras to keep things such as life go girl!

N-Search of Peace said...

As like our "real" children, this little baby will reflect all that you love!

Snap away my Chica!

Say Cheese!

Love and adore...

kimberly said...

we sometimes get so caught up in what we "should" do....instead of what we dream of....and if it isn't hurting anyone....i a little wild, color outside the lines a the unexpected....go for your dreams....because you never know.....we have spent many years being responsible to the max....invested so many years in giving....i think it is wonderful vb....that you are doing this...and that it makes your heart sing....that is what life is all about....sometimes we need to really LIVE!!! i'll be waiting to see the lovelies this little "baby" brings into your world!!!!

Postcards and Coasters said...

Congrats! I just bought a Canon Rebel and cant wait to take a class and buy a better lens.

I hope this new camera will enjoy fun adventures with you and help you in finding your passions.

Jim said...

We'll throw you a shower at Nando's Thursday, it'll help with the (financial)contractions. Just like with real childbirth, once you hold the little darlin' in your hands, all the pain will be forgotten.
love you, my Ya-Ya

Grumperini said...

Yay! Can't wait to enjoy the art that is created between you! :)

Julie said...

YAY! oh my friend I am so EXCITED for you! I do know how you have longed for this it is wonderful to hear that you finally decided to get it! I will have to get information from you know it is my dream someday to own a spectacular camera as well.

You deserve this my friend..... although I would have preferred you spent the money on a ticket to see me! :)

love ya! xoxo